VEN-U Sensors enable you to wirelessly monitor critical equipment and sites 24/7, provide real-time reporting, and interactive dashboards with alert notifications via SMS. Utilize analytics to optimize your operations, reduce costs and mitigate liabilities.

Simplify how you monitor refrigerators, freezers, doorways, power or equipment outages, water damage, transportation paths, and more. The VEN-U cloud-enabled, wireless, IoT solution includes sensors to monitor temperature, isolated chemicals, humidity, water, voltage, vibration, and motion to deliver real-time alerts and data. Create your own thresholds and reporting guidelines for data in the easy to use dashboard.


Wireless sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water presence, motion, vibration, door open/close and more. The sensor transmits data via UHF or BLE to a cloud-enabled Bridge. Each matchbox-sized sensor is powered by a replaceable coin cell battery.


The Bridge acquires sensor data and securely transmits data to the Cloud using WiFi, Ethernet and/or Cellular. Each bridge has on-board memory to store up to two weeks of sensor data while not connected to the Cloud.


All data is securely sent to the Cloud and is web viewable on your computer or smartphone. The cloud architecture is scalable from a single sensor, one-site applications to multi-site enterprises with thousands of varied sensor types. Unique analytical capabilities extend monitoring to include a deep understanding of asset utilization and operational compliance.


The dashboard is configured to monitor and track all data in the Cloud. Multiple thresholds and alerts can be set separately for each sensor to supply notifications via SMS text, email, and phone call.

ProductivityEliminate time-consuming daily tasks that require hand-entering important measurements like freezer and refrigerator temperatures or other status metrics. Notify staff when maintenance is required.
EfficiencyCapture data automatically, receive regularly scheduled updates and trigger-based alerts, pull summary reports to validate standards are within compliance requirements or provide critical data to support audit visits, such as the Health Department.
BrandProtect your brand from unfortunate events that may result from unknown equipment or perishable inventory issues or failures.
InsightsAccess data stored in the Cloud to measure, compare, audit and report by a sensor, location, or account.
InsuranceSingle unified platform to monitor multiple systems and processes. Prevent large losses of inventory with an automated monitoring and alert service.

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