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Welcome guests, add to waitlist, and provide updates via pagers or user’s smartphone.


Manage waiting guests, food orders, staff, payments and delivery to table, takeout or curbside.


Receive rich data on front & back-of-the-house operations. Create dashboards to optimize and scale.

VEN-U may be a new name but our core business is over 26 years old. Our DNA is in developing and delivering proven solutions for restaurants, entertainment, healthcare and warehousing operations.  Our hardware and software platforms for engagement are in use around the world in over 50 countries and by over 80,000 businesses.

Now, we’re expanding on our history of innovation and success with the launch of VEN-U. Think of VEN-U as a suite of strategic, new technologies that make your venue smarter, more efficient and more profitable. VEN-U employs Bluetooth connectivity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, sensors and in-depth analytics to deliver benchmarks for running a smarter business. Track, sense, report, update, engage and optimize every level of your business with VEN-U.

Get to Know our On-Site Management System

On-Site Management System (OMS) is a suite of hardware and software solutions designed to help businesses such as restaurants, retail, entertainment, medical and warehouse operators better manage end-to-end business requirements where guests, patients, and staff are engaged and messaged and various items and equipment can be tracked and monitored remotely.

OMS uses traditional and emerging technologies such as Bluetooth, IoT, Sensors, APIs, optical and custom algorithms to increase efficiency and enhance guest experiences. OMS enables tracking, and interacting with guests via pagers and smartphones while also managing back-office logistics including monitoring, ordering, and managing inventory and operations. Users can customize dashboards to manage data and notifications remotely and on-site.

Explore how your venue can become more efficient, and more profitable

…all while providing your guests, customers, and employees a better experience. Hey, now that IS smarter!

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