Restauraunts + Hospitality

VEN-U offers your guests more choices for how they want to enjoy their experience and engage via an omnichannel offering. VEN-U is the premier solution for enhancing your guest experience.

VEN-U delivers innovative solutions to the QSR (quick-service restaurant), and fast-casual restaurant and hospitality sectors. We have over 25 years of experience working with restaurants, hotels and hospitality businesses to enhance the guest experience and increase operational efficiencies. VEN-U helps to keep guests happy and coming back through seamless technology.

We believe in adding value to guests’ experiences but also in helping staff and management perform their jobs better while enabling front and back-of-the house operations. Some ways VEN-U does this is with technology that can locate waiting guests instantly, branded beacon devices or even customer’s mobile devices via branded apps.

  • VEN-U instantly locates and alerts waiting, guests.
    • Once seated, VEN-U can also notify staff where guests are – inside, on the patio, at the bar or even curbside – enabling precise delivery of fresh orders in a timely fashion.
  • Mobile Kiosks provide a complete platform for locating guests, order-ahead options, payments, loyalty and posting customer ratings. 
    • Mobile options can also work with other partner solutions from POS to KDS platforms.
  • In addition to real-time interacting and reporting, VEN-U delivers rich in-depth data stored in secure cloud accounts for management and operators to review and compare metrics like traffic, staff activity, peak-times and overall operational efficiency, which can be compared across blocks of time and against other locations.
  • Wireless sensors can monitor dozens of metrics like the temperature in coolers and freezers to door access, and water presence.
  • Once inside, guests’ mobile devices can access the VEN-U real-time location software (RTLS) so staff can locate and identify them upon entry.
  • See increased revenues with in-app upsells, reorders and even POS checkout all without directly engaging staff, if customers prefer.

VEN-U Location Services + Sensors

VEN-U Sensors enable a low-cost, unified solution to proactively monitor a wide range of equipment, processes, and sites.

VEN-U helps you to comply with various regulations and local requirements while enhancing overall business performance, saving staff time, and providing round-the-clock remote monitoring.

VEN-U wireless IoT sensor platform can monitor various functions and statuses in almost any industry including manufacturing, restaurants, warehousing, data centers, airports, hotels, and any other site that needs 24/7/365 monitoring.

VEN-U Mobile SDK

The VEN-U Mobile SDK powers Mobile Kiosks to provide an indoor location for a fully turnkey smartphone app development (iOS and Android) solution. With our SDK location services built right into the platform,  you can locate guests and seamlessly add other revenue increasing features.

  • Page and interact in real-time.
  • Enable order-ahead for dine-in or curbside pickup.
  • Seamlessly combine your POS, loyalty awards, location services, feedback and ratings into your customer’s palm.
  • Track trends and compare against other metrics to optimize your engagement and increase revenues.

Increase Order Volume By As Much As 20%

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