VEN-U solutions enable hospitals and medical facilities to discreetly notify staff and waiting patients when needed.

Run Your Healthcare Facility with Ease

Healthcare providers seeking smarter solutions to improve the patient experience choose VEN-U.

6 VEN-U Solutions for Healthcare Today
1WAITING ROOM: When patients check-in, hand them a pager. Discreetly and instantly notify a patient when the doctor or nurse is ready to see them without revealing their name or who they’re seeing.
2DIRECT PATIENTS: Let patients know where they need to go next with alphanumeric pagers or SMS messaging.
3ROAMING STAFF: Replace overhead paging with a staff pager or SMS messaging. Find staff instantly and let them know where and why they’re needed.
4LAB RESULTS: Immediately notify patients or staff when test results are ready for pick-up.
5PHARMACIES: Decrease congestion at the pick-up counter and instead page customers when their medication is ready.
6ANALYZE SERVICE TIMES: Track wait times using the VEN-U wait-list software and find opportunities to improve turn-around times.

In addition to the benefits above, there are many more ways VEN-U helps the healthcare industries leading hospitals, medical facilities, and doctor offices keep their operations running efficiently every day.

  • See how each area of your hospital or clinic is functioning at any given time.
  • Locate life-saving equipment instantly.
  • Locate assets such as crash carts and monitor equipment usability.
  • Increase patient flow and satisfaction while optimizing your operations management.​
  • Match staff to the nearest needs from check-in to lab work to recovery. ​

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