Location Services


VEN-U provides real-time, precise and rich location data made available through one platform.

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS), enriches your existing venue data with deeper, operational information to increase efficiency, engage with people and compare business activities over time.


Welcome guests, add to waitlist and provide updates via pagers or user’s smartphone.


Manage waiting guests, food orders, staff, payments and delivery to table, takeout or curbside.


Receive rich data on front & back-of-the-house operations. Create dashboards to optimize and scale.

How It Works

Our BLE (Bluetooth) platform uses sophisticated and redundant algorithms based on science called “angle of arrival”. 

With that technology, VEN-U locates beacons and location-enabled smartphones throughout your site (and even outside) with pinpoint accuracy, giving you new superpowers to better engage with people and optimize your business.

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