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Location Services

VEN-U provides real-time, precise and rich location data made available through one platform.

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS), enriches your existing venue data with deeper, operational information to increase efficiency, engage with people and compare business activities over time.

How It Works

Our Bluetooth platform uses sophisticated and redundant algorithms based on science called “angle of arrival”. 

With that technology, VEN-U locates beacons and location-enabled smartphones throughout your site (and even outside) with pinpoint accuracy, giving you new superpowers to better engage with people and optimize your business.

Contact Tracing

Providing and reinforcing a safe workplace for employees is of the utmost importance. With the Contact Tracing module, you are able to leverage the VEN-U Location Services Engine to know where your staff members are, their engagement with each other, and where they’ve spent time in your facility. The Contact Tracing module works with VEN-U approved devices, beacons, and phones to provide active warnings when people come in too close of contact with each other or with designated hazardous zones or assets. In the event that a staff member becomes ill, VEN-U Contact Tracing is the definitive source to assist you in determining employees that may be at risk as well as areas and surfaces that will require deep cleaning.

Whether the need is driven by regulatory compliance with social distancing requirements or for the peace of mind of your company and your employees, VEN-U Location Services is the key component to your workplace safety strategy.

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VEN-U Sensors

VEN-U Sensors enable a low-cost, unified solution to proactively monitor a wide range of equipment, processes, and sites. VEN-U helps you to comply with various regulations and local requirements while enhancing overall business performance, saving staff time, and providing round-the-clock remote monitoring.

Our wireless IoT sensor platform can monitor various functions and statuses in almost any industry including manufacturing, restaurants, warehousing, data centers, airports, hotels, and any other site that needs 24/7/365 monitoring.

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