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VEN-U solutions enable operations leaders to quickly and efficiently improve customer service. See what our current customers are saying.

Improve the Customer Experience with VEN-U

VEN-U Retail and Grocery Solutions keep retail stores and grocery operations running smoothly and efficiently. Operations leaders looking for quick and easy ways to reach their staff and improve customer service choose VEN-U.

5 VEN-U Solutions for Retail and Grocery Operations Leaders
1WAIT LIST APP: Operators with services that may require a wait use the VEN-U Wait List App to offer customers a choice of an SMS text or LRS pager for notification when they’re next.
2REQUEST HELP: Offer customers a simple button to request assistance, whether, in fitting rooms, relaxation rooms in spas, or other areas, LRS’ push-buttons offer guests the opportunity to let you know when you’re needed without disrupting their experience.
3LOCATE STAFF: Replace overhead paging or roaming to find others with an LRS staff pager, SMS messaging, or two-way radios. Find staff instantly and let them know where and why they’re needed.
4SILENT ARRIVAL NOTIFICATION: Be alerted when customers walk in the front door without loud doorbells or buzzers. Eliminate noises that may disrupt.
5ANALYZE SERVICE TIMES: Track wait and delivery times using the VEN-U Wait List App and Table Tracker software. Identify opportunities to improve turn-around times.

In addition to the benefits above, there are many more ways VEN-U empowers the world’s retail and grocery operations leaders and enables them to keep their operations running efficiently every day.

  • Locate shoppers and staff anywhere within your business.
  • Track shopping carts and baskets with tags to measure consumer behavior, location, and the value of various endcaps.
  • Deliver specialty items from the deli or bakery directly to shoppers wherever they are in your store.
  • Identify and anticipate peak visitor times with metrics from staff and shopping cart activities.
  • Engage your staff with shoppers more fluidly and professionally.   ​

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