Airports + Terminals


VEN-U’s location software enables you to engage with travelers in a whole new way by engaging with them on their smartphones or tagged devices. Imagine a proven technology where you can instantly locate passengers, crew, staff and key assets at a glance.  Locate anyone in real-time from TSA to janitorial to fire, EMS and police.​

VEN-U Benefits
  • Deliver pre-ordered meals directly to passengers waiting at their gate.
  • Notify staff instantly that areas need attention or cleaning.
  • Monitor secure access points anywhere.​
  • Locate passengers anywhere for precise food and drink order delivery​.
  • Find travelers for guest services, gate changes, or ambulatory needs.
  • See where staff are located to best serve guests and increase response time.​
  • Enhance traveler’s experiences and services at Admiral’s and Sky Clubs.

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